Show Support for a Young Warrior Who Has Just Received a New Heart

Many of you remember our former publisher, John Huff, who was instrumental in growing this fledgling magazine.  His bright and beautiful 12-year-old daughter, Allison, was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy early this year. The only cure for this condition is a heart transplant.  The Huffs started a blog, Heart of a Warrior, to share Allison's journey.  Allison's bravery and her family's spirit are nothing short of awe inspiring.
Allison just received a transplant last week and is reportedly doing well (a fund has been established to help defray the exorbitant medical costs involved.) We hope that many will join those who are contributing to this fund.
For anyone looking for a special gift for Mother's Day, family friend and jewelry designer Barb Macy has crafted a lovely necklace to help raise funds, which can be ordered via