Putman Media’s New East Coast Outpost

If any of you may have noticed my absence from this blog for the past month, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Putman Media's Life Sciences Group have just set up a satellite office in the New York metropolitan area, close to the pulse of U.S. drug industry. Although air travel makes anything accessible, there are still far too many important meetings, conferences and other events going on in New Jersey, New York, D.C. and New England that have not always been convenient to cover from the Midwest. I'll now be based a stone's throw from the Garden State and near one of the nation's foremost biomedical research centers, establishing direct connections with more pharma companies, visiting more manufacturing facilities to report on what's going on behind the scenes and the people who are transforming drug development and manufacturing. This move illustrates Putman Media's commitment to covering pharma and biopharma much more closely. For me, personally, it has also meant "going home again" after seven years in Chicagoland. The past few weeks have involved some major readjustments. (And don't get me started on alternate-side-of-the-street parking, and Mr. Bloomberg's hypervigilant traffic brigade, who stand ready to issue $120 parking tickets at a moment's notice....even on a Sunday night) I'll be back in Chicago next week, for the Healthcare Blogging Conference and a World Pharmaceutical Manufacturing summit, but starting the following week, you can expect much more coverage of industry developments and news, from the East Coast as well as the Midwest. and internationally, when Michele Vaccarello files a report from France on its growing biotech segment. AMS