Purdue Pharma Installs Near-Field Tags in Full-Scale RFID Program

Below, the press release from Impinj, whose RFID technology was selected.  For more details on the project, read our upcoming print and digital issue.  Purdue Pharma L.P. will integrate Impinjs Gen 2 RFID products into high-speed pharmaceutical packaging lines for improved pharmaceutical supply chain efficiency and security.   Scheduled for production-level deployment in the second quarter of 2007, Purdue Pharmas Gen 2 RFID-enabled packaging line will utilize the Impinj GrandPrix„¢ UHF RFID solution, comprising Speedway„¢ readers, tags powered by Monza„¢ chips, and application-specific near-field reader antennas.  The packaging line will be certified for production readiness under SYSTECH Internationals TIPS® Serialized Product Tracking solution that includes exhaustive tests modeling Purdue Pharma production packaging environments.  During advance testing, the Impinj-powered packaging line surpassed tag read rate requirements with 100% tag read reliability.   We are working to implement innovative solutions that will enhance security within the supply chain, said Aaron Graham, vice president of Corporate Security and chief security officer at Purdue Pharma. The Impinj RFID technology has been selected as an integral part of our packaging line improvements to help the company establish an ePedigree process that will significantly improve the delivery of products from the factory to the pharmacy counter.   Successfully deployed in large retail and distribution environments worldwide, the Impinj GrandPrix solution utilizing Monza tag chips and Speedway readers addresses the most important RFID deployment criteria for pharmaceutical supply chain environments ” high tag throughput rates, high read and programming reliability and robust, secure track and trace capability.  The Speedway reader achieves superior read reliability with throughput exceeding 1000 tags per second in typical supply chain environments and 200 tags per second in dense reader environments with up to eight interfering readers. The Speedway reader also features a unique mono-static antenna design that delivers the RFID industrys highest performance while substantially reducing deployment and ownership costs. Monza chips and Speedway readers carry both EPCglobals Gen 2 Conformance Certification and Interoperability Certification marks.