Pharma Still One of the Best Paying Industries; Sector Expanded in New Jersey Last Year

....according to a state report that was cited in the Star-Ledger .  Average salary plus benefits for a pharmaceutical industry professional in New Jersey exceed $97,000, and the number of jobs in the state in the pharma sector increased last year, despite pipeline setbacks.   More from the report:
  • Industry created 148,768 jobs- 61,971 direct +86,797 spin-off jobs
  • Average base salary is $97,501 (up 4% from 2005)
  • Payroll impacts of $7.6 billion (up 8.5% from 2005)
  • Capital construction spending is $1.9 billion
  • NJ charitable contributions totaled $264 million (up 74% over 2005)
  • R&D spending investment of $7.5 billion
  • $671.4 million in sales and income tax impacts on NJ (up 3.3% from 2005)
 Here's an executive summary (the full report will be posted on our web site shortly).