Pfizer Takes Back Healthcare for Future Generations

A news item in Jim Edward’s blog brought heart-warming news of Pfizer’s decision to reduce medical benefits to retirees. The move, which the company was reportedly “pleased to announce” to its retiring employees, will leave retirees dependent on Medicare and their own savings, Edwards wrote, and has spurred a letter-writing campaign. More from the source.

The move, spearheaded by the company’s last CEO, will reportedly save millions of dollars. Remember his predecessor's book “Call to Arms: Taking Back Healthcare for Future Generations?” Pfizer CEO emeritus Henry McKinnell discussed it with Charlie Rose way back in 2006 or so. Wonder what he thinks of all this, but I don’t think he had this in mind when he wrote “taking back.”

A number of folks in pharma sent emails today under the subject line "a company with heart." Which reminded me of a certain piece of satire, in which the characters ask “What, do you think we’re sick enough to get sick?” Not to mention, a certain children’s book and musical piece (lyrics here) inspired by Dr. Seuss. At least his visits are free.