Peter Rost to be the Subject of a New Documentary Film

Taking a break from the sea of analytical acronyms at Pittcon---NIR, FT-IR, HPLC, LC, LIMS, TOF ---to play Hollywood gossip columnist, with a brief news bulletin. First surprise this week: Al Gore's winning an Oscar.  Second surprise:  Peter Rost's discontinuing his blog to focus on a new documentary film based on his book.  Filming reportedly started a few months ago, with an established documentary film maker. No details available yet. But, in case any of you missed the "original" Rost documentary, click here to watch Ed Silverman's interviews with Dr. R., which we posted on our web site last Fall.  A number of book editors are reviewing Peter's novel, "The Wolfpack." And, speaking of films, Pharmaceutical Executive just ran an article on the Centocor film with the enviably hilarious headline, "Lights, Action, Psoriasis."  Which appears to sum up public reaction to that film so far.  John Mack and Ed Silverman both recently blogged on the subject.  But you can't blame them (Centocor) for trying a new approach, and at least the patients' lives were the primary focus