Penelope Przekop - A Triple Threat?

Penelope Przekop, Johnson & Johnson quality specialist and Six Sigma guru, seems to be adding a third specialty to her (black) belt - fiction. Her most recent publication, Aberrations, is a fictional novel that touches on narcolepsy, adultery, and homosexuality. Intriguing. The Six Sigma master has contributed articles and insight to PM for the past few years so we feel it only appropriate to report on her latest work. For Przekop's Six Sigma -related articles, visit our Six Sigma Library. Twenty-one-year-old narcoleptic Angel Duet knows that her father, Frank, harbors secrets. But she doesn't know that her entire life has been anchored around lies. Frank's suspicious refusal to discuss the past and his girlfriend's sudden removal of the series of treasured photographs that have hung in the Duet's foyer for more than twenty years causes Angel to become obsessed with searching for mysteriously guarded answers about her mother's death. As she struggles to learn the truth and gain control over the narcolepsy that often fogs her world, Angel is exposed to new friends, co-workers, and lovers who introduce her to a dizzying realm of adultery, drugs, and homosexuality that further obscures reality. To truly awaken, Angel must accept a truth she could never have dreamed up. Once she does, she realizes that sometimes the gifts we receive are not what we want"”and only in time do we see their worth. Is Przekop shifting her Six Sigma focus? I hope not...although I am in the market for a late summer beach read. For more information on Przekop's works please visit her website. MV