Notes from ISPE 2007 - They’re Certifiable

Installment 2 Important news was certification of the first six "Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals." As they explained in a very brief interview, certification was a way to broaden their skill sets and, in a world where outsourcing is becoming the norm, to affirm the strategic importance of the product development to manufacturing continuum function. (Note to AstraZeneca management: Are you planning to send anyone to this course?) The CPIPs come from very different backgrounds, and even included a CEO and company president among them"¦.I thought each of them, given each unique discipline, followed a tailored curriculum, based on their backgrounds; especially since several of them came from the IT world. However, they all followed one path course, and all seemed quite happy to have pursued certification and are recommending that their organizations encourage send others. Warning: this credential course is really for those who have worked in the industry; experience is needed in order to obtain eligibility and pass the exam. And so, hearty congratulations to the first six Certified Pharmaceutical Pharma Industry Professionals, and a suggestion that, if you haven't already, some of you might consider looking into the credential program Anders Brummerstedt, NNE Pharmaplan Charles Clerecuzio, AMEC Damian Gerstner, President, Systech Andrew Signore, CEO Tiffany Tomlinson, manufacturing manager IDEC Pharma Andre Walker, Director manufacturing engineering, Biogen Idec