Nigerian Update: Trovan, Akunyili, Isa Odidi

Yesterday, news came that Pfizer has asked the government to rescind its report on the Trovan clinical trials, subject of criminal and civil lawsuits. The company alleges the report was biased. Today, three alleged victims asked that they be included among the plaintiffs, and pleaded with the court to dismiss Pfizer's move. More from local press here. In Nigeria, Dr. Dora Akunyili is continuing her fight against drug counterfeiters. We hear that she has had to send her children to school outside of the country, for their own safety. At a recent meeting, discussed here by Acho Orabuchi, she also asked emigres to consider returning home and setting up shop in Nigeria, and joining in the fight against counterfeiters. "I encourage you as pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to come home and establish drug manufacturing factories and wholesale outlets in Nigeria. You can pool your resources as cooperatives and you will be surprised that the return on your investment will be better than what you can get anywhere in the world...Some of us complain about poor infrastructural facilities, but Indians, Chinese and other nationals are all over Nigeria making it big, despite these challenges," she said. If foreigners can make it despite the prevailing challenges, you too can," she concluded. As long as they don't have political aspirations.... Consider 2007 Nigerian presidential contender, drug delivery specialist and Canadian generic drug company (IntelliPharmaCeutics) executive, Dr. Isa Odidi. He may not have won the controversial national election last Spring, but his candidacy opened up debate about allowing dual citizens to run for office in Nigeria. By all accounts, he's back in Canada running this business, but, for more about his unusual campaign, read on, or listen to his podcast. AMS