Lilly’s Dr. Pankaj Mohan on Optimizing Pharma Operations

Noticed an interesting webcast that will take place tomorrow on Lean Manufacturing. (A competing journal is sponsoring it, but who says competition can't be friendly (recall the original "Miracle on 34th Street" movie, where Macy's referred customers to Gimbel's).  Among the speakers will be Dr. Pankaj Mohan, manager of global process engineering at Eli Lilly. With colleagues from the University of Newcastle in the U.K., Dr. Mohan recently wrote a comprehensive book on optimizing pharma operations, covering everything from "manufacturability" during the R&D cycle to the use of PAT and the more efficient use of conventional and advanced process control. We will publish an excerpt from the book on "Transformational Leadership" in May's issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. I interviewed Dr. Mohan last week for his views on PAT and operational excellence, so stay tuned to that Q&A, plus a review of and excerpts from that book on (He will also be contributing a regular column in our magazine. ) By the way, we'll be interpreting results of our first benchmarking survey on pharmaceutical operational excellence, and announcing the 2006 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Teams of the Year, in May's issue.  The survey needed shortening and focus , and we'll be improving it and updating it regularly. -AMS