It’s Raining Whistleblower-Turned-Writers!

Not ANOTHER pharma whistleblower-turned-writer!  John Mack at Pharma Marketing blog writes that he was recently contacted by John Virapen,  a self-proclaimed whistleblower whose unexpected career odyssey began, like that of another more famous former pharma executive,  in Sweden.  Under the nom de plume John Rengen, Virapen published a novel, "Side Effects:Death," in Sweden and Germany.  Here it is reviewed, in German, on Amazon Germany in Rubio Spukt's Aus" . The protagonist?  Rubio, a pharma manager who decides to blow the whistle on skullduggery. He will soon come out with a new book in English, a memoir that he alleges is based on his past experiences  The targets of his ire?  Eli Lilly, whom he also reportedly sued for discrimination and wrongful termination, in 1995, and Prozac marketing.  He lost his wrongful termination case.  But this should be interesting.  The story was first broken last year by the LabsInsider blog, but Mack will be interviewing Virapen in an audio podcast available later this month. Click here to read more.