Is Canadian Drug Marketing (and its Emphasis on Patient Education) Smarter?

A January report by Cutting Edge analyzed and compared how global companies market eight key pharmaceuticals.  Comparing U.S. and a Canadian marketing for one key drug, it found that budgets for the two were extremely close.  Patient education was key in Canadia, rather than detailing and samples, which were the focus in the U.S.  Of course, the two nation's healthcare systems are radically different, but as criticism of pharma detailing intensifies, could U.S. drug companies learn something from the way marketing is handled in Canada, and emphasize patient outreach and education?  More from Pharma Live:  Of a total of $3.7 billion in the U.S. (and $4 billion in Canada), the US brand only spent a total of $120,000 on patient education for the entire three year period, while the Canadian brand spent $1 million on patient education each year. The US brand, however, invested heavily in detailed materials ($2.5 million), more than double the Canadian brand's detailed materials spending ($1.05 million). The US brand also spent $1.5 million on samples while the Canadian budget allotted none of its funds to sampling. AMS