Has anyone seen Michael Moore yet? GSK chief weighs in on Constant Gardener

Remember those internal office memos last year, which warned that Michael Moore would soon descend upon your facilities? We hadn't checked on the progress of his upcoming film, "Sicko," in months, but assume that he's restricting his research to doctor's offices around the country.  We just read that he's issued an appeal on his web site for information (presumably negative) about the drug industry, and (from another, presumably biased news source---so take it with a grain of salt) that he owns shares of pharmaceutical company stock. When we contacted them last summer, we weren't really surprised when neither Moore nor his Beverly Hills-based publicist would return our calls. We'd hoped to help balance the negatives with information on the manufacturing revolution taking place in the industry(application of operational excellence, six sigma, etc), 21st century GMPs, PAT, the Critical Path, ICH Q8 and some of the other initiatives that promise to change drugmaking. We didn't really expect them to contact us, but had prepared a two-minute elevator speech just in case (knowing that we'd get, at most, 2 seconds of air time). We're keeping an open mind and will be interested in your reactions to Sicko, when it comes out.  We didn't receive any comments, positive or negative, from our readers  on "The Constant Gardener," the latest of several films criticizing the drug industry, but recently, In the Pipeline alerted us to an opinion from GSK's chief. What do you think? -AMS