GSK, BMS and a Pharma Downsizing Update

GSK just announced today that it would be eliminating 900 jobs at its facility in Cidra, Puerto Rico. More from the International Herald Tribune.  But Pharmalot reports that BMS will be announcing major cuts in December. Unfortunately, it is far from the only pharma or bio company in job-cutting mode. Pharmalot, In the Pipeline and FierceBiotech  each offered an assessment recently.  (Ed Silverman, who has mastered the art of teleportation, or else has had himself cloned,  is posting to his blog all while leading a panel discussion at a DTC event in New Jersey, which started yesterday and is winding down today.  Among the topics to be addressed: How much influence do pharma blogs have? They certainly wielded a lot of power last Spring, when Peter Rost's blog led to changes at AstraZeneca.  Summer and Fall seemed to bring less serious postings all around. Will pharma itself join the party?  Not until more companies get over their fear of FDA, adverse reaction reporting and other leaks...which means it may take quite a while. However, more media outlets continue to launch new blogs. Putman will be introducing two new blogs soon:  
  • Poor Emil's Almanac, written by our award winning and irreverent columnist, the NIR expert Emil Ciurczak (who has also started up his own website,
  • The Oncology drug blog, which will be written by experts in the oncology drug development field.  That blog will debut with musings from Dr. Craig Dees, CEO of Provectus and will be run by managing editor, Heidi Parsons.
And for you chemists and API experts out there, our online expert and columnist Girish Malhotra, now traveling in India,  has just started up his own blog. AMS