Drivers of the Year: 2006

A bit of lunch hour frivolity.

As a woman driver, I take great exception to the male chauvinist joke that some male colleagues were circulating and chuckling about today.  Here, in any case, is what they were laughing at:  winners of the 2006 "woman driver of the year" award. It's just such snickering, heard from uncles and other males in the family, that kept me from actively driving until I was in my 30s.  So did living in New York City, where cab drivers can put the fear of God into anyone trying to negotiate driving in midtown and where owning/parking a car is an act of defiant foolishness. "Not driving" is still a badge of honor in New York City (and even, I've learned, in Chicago) for a (now shrinking) segment of the population, so it was cute to read of the NYC couple who decided to forget about air travel and hail a cab"”-to Arizona.  For more, read on.