DOJ Revives Rost Whistleblower Suit Against Pfizer, Challenges CEO Kindler to Forego His Bonus

Ed Silverman of Pharmalot has just reported that the Justice Department is seeking permission to have until April 26th to file a "friend of the court" brief on behalf of Dr. Peter Rost's whistleblower case against Pfizer. Last year, a federal court judge in Boston had denied Rost's claim.  Ed will have more on this story as it develops. Click here to reach his post. Rost is continuing the tradition he started with Pfizer's former CEO by writing an open letter to Jeff Kindler, which was recently published in CounterPunch: Why not take a pay cut, or forego the 36% bonus after eliminating so many positions, he asks.  In a perfect world, perhaps, but, how many CEOs have ever done that?  Read it here. More pharma corporate boards, such as BMS's, are taking a stand on limiting CEO compensation. Would they ever mandate a pay freeze or cut? It will be interesting to see what happens on this front.