Damage Control and Lurking P.R. Crises: Journalists Who Know Too Little, Employees Who Know Too Much, and Bloggers Who Know Not

A sneak peak at a very entertaining article by the authors of "Damage Control," consultant Eric Dezenhall and John Weber, from the next issue of Corporate Board Member.  Registration is required but well worth it.  Some sound bites: The end of "sound science." In the future, the authors write, "anyone with a test tube and a blog will claim scientific standing, and special interest groups will work with private labs...  Sound science used to be the area where business could make its case and win on facts. In the future, don't count on it. " "Junior" will be covering your story.  There are too few reporters with too little training chasing too many stories, the authors say. Keep it funny. Young people are truly getting their news from Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report, they write. Blogging power is there, but may be exaggerated.  "It is hard not to buy into the hype that mainstream media are dead or dying, to be replaced by thousands of pajama-clad computer jockets opining from their home offices. " http://www.boardmember.com/issues/archive.pl?article_id=12755&V=1