As H1N1 Vaccines Approved, Fears Subside

A few weeks back we posted a list of the companies that were manufacturing H1N1 vaccines, and since that time many of them have been approved, either in the U.S. or abroad. Here's an update:

A few days ago, FDA approved four vaccines, manufactured by CSL Limited, MedImmune, and Sanofi Pasteur.

Earlier this month, Chinese officials approved a vaccine by (aptly titled) Sinovac for flu prevention there.

Meanwhile, GSK says its clinical trials have been promising and most experts expect regulatory approvals for its vaccine to come soon.

The approvals, and health officials' comments that plenty of vaccine should be available, have spelled bad news for smaller companies hoping to capitalize on a pandemic. Investors have fled Novavax and BioCryst as the possibility of a windfall looks less promising.

Nevertheless, as approvals come, fears of a grave pandemic abate somewhat across the globe. Nowhere has the fear been greater perhaps than in India (note the Swine Flu India web site), but Indian authorities expect vaccine availability by mid-October.