A New Hiring Tool (Can We Use It To Hire More “Empowering” Managers?)

 A professor at the University of Waterloo, in Canada, claims to have developed a system based on the concept of "synthetic validity," which would allow any job candidate's applicability for a given position to be determined, based on data on how that person handled past job assignments. The technique could reduce the costs of hiring new people, and reduce risks and errors/mismatches (it could also do wonders for online matchmaking services). For more information, read here.   Maybe synthetic validity could be used to hire more imaginative leaders, who empower the people who work for them to make decisions and take risks, since this seems to be a major reason for job dissatisfaction. A recent executive survey by Korn/Ferry bears out results of PharmaManufacturing's survey on career satisfaction: people want to be challenged and to grow in their careers., and these things often mean more to them than money.  Executives who responded to the Korn/Ferry survey say that ineffective leadership and lack of challenge are the reasons why they would move on to new jobs----not for higher salaries. Lack of challenges or career growth were cited by 33% of respondents, ineffective leadership was mentioned by 20% and more attractive alternatives, by 17%.   When asked what would allow more organizations to retain top talent, over 40% said employee empowerment would be critical, 32% said more opportunities for advancement and development would help.  Helping employees better balance work and family was mentioned by 16%.  -AMS