Room full of Gorillas

There are so many 800 pounders that I don't know where to start.  I merely look at what the candidates aren't talking about and I see a bunch. What about Medicare drug pricing? Our "mission accomplished" crew, so recently departed and departing, forbade the Medicare folks from negotiating for a lowest pricing (a la' Canada), ensuring drug company profits remained up there.  Ever hear that mentioned by all the "Change" candifates? Hmmm... What about the multi-trillion national debt? El Presidente cites a "mere" $400 billion deficit for 2006/7. That is calculated by leaving out Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security benefits paid. When looked at carefully, the number closes in on $1.3 trillion! My understanding is that the debt run up by the current administration is greater than all the past presidents, combined! That includes the Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Viet Nam, Korea, etc. and all of Roosevelt's programs during the Depression. If debt is the answer, Mission Accomplished! Not one spending bill was vetoed in the last seven years! (Over 1100 "signing staements," though...) Oh, warming? I don't even have time for that one...Al Gore, save us please!