Makes you just wonder

The holidays make me consider the "human condition." I can clearly remember that my dentist (when I was very young) had terrible teeth. When I asked dad, he told me that he (my dentist) was afraid of dentists. Hmmmm...made me feel secure. Why is it that many people will badmouth a therapeutic drug all the while injecting botulism toxin into their faces and pumping silicones within an inch of their hearts? I won't even mention alcohol and tobacco... Yet, the moment a 0.001% adverse reaction to a (potentially lifesaving) drug is reported, these same people flock to lawyers to sue. I wouldn't want to be an OBY-GYN anymore either; how many women smoke, drink, and, yes, even do drugs during pregnancy, then sue the doctor when there are birth defects? [That begs the question: What is the difference between a dead lawyer and a dead skunk lying on the road? Answer: There are skid marks leading up to the skunk.] I no sooner hear of some university study on the Today show, when the lawyers are already trolling for people to sue. However, there are mitigating circumstances, too. "Restless Leg Syndrome?"  Please, shoot me now! Have we taken the "It's someone else's fault" attitude a little too far? Everything is a Syndrome. But, all is not lost; now that obesity is a cateragorized by the CDC as a disease, I can call in "fat" anytime I don't feel like working. [This is appreciated by anyone who knows me. I am in shape; round is a shape, after all.] Another thing: I know someone is reading this @#$%, the "visitor-counter" keeps going up. How about writing a comment or two? [Keep it clean, this is a family magazine, after all.]