The Apples of Pharma’s Eyes

Pharma Innovation Awards applaud the fruits of suppliers’ labor

By Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director

As a scientist, Sir Isaac Newton accomplished quite a bit: His three laws of motion formed the basic principles of modern physics, he developed a new theory of light and color, he designed the first reflecting telescope, he discovered and quantified gravitation, and his invention of calculus lead to countless historic breakthroughs in mathematics. Not surprisingly, many consider Newton one of the most influential men in scientific history.

And yet, what’s the very first thing most people associate with Newton? An apple. Newton’s iconic discovery of gravity is perhaps the most recognizable anecdote about the birth of an innovative idea in history.

It’s very likely that Newton’s apple story has been greatly embellished; in fact, it’s even possible that Newton himself made it up. But you have to admit, no one knows how to pitch science like Sir Isaac.

Walk the halls of any tradeshow or event in the pharmaceutical industry and you will find no shortage of equipment and technologies. But take the time to stop and start a conversation, and you will inevitably hear a great story. Over the course of a year’s worth of events, our editorial team has amassed quite a collection of winning technologies.

Just a few examples: The FlowCam Nano from Fluid Imaging is the first imaging flow microscope that automatically detects, images and characterizes both micron- and submicron-sized particles in a fluid sample at the same time. The AXF-1 from Micropore Technologies managed to scale up membrane emulsification to be usable for mass production. Antares Vision’s LYO-CHECK is the first visual inspection machine on the market specifically dedicated to the lyophilization process. Vanrx’s Microcell Vial Filler successfully fills an unmet need early in the drug product supply chain by enabling drug development activities to happen earlier in a drug product’s lifecycle. And these are just a mere taste of accomplishments from our innovators.

It’s true that most of these technologies have stories that are not as easily digestible as Newton’s apple legend. The reality is, most innovation is the result of an elaborate and collaborative process. And that’s why the Pharma Innovation Awards are so important — our conversations with hundreds of respected and talented equipment suppliers throughout the year have helped us truly appreciate the time and investment these pharmaceutical suppliers put into their technologies. We want to tell their stories and recognize their contributions to the industry.

As such, this month’s cover story highlights and applauds those who have distinguished themselves as leaders in pharmaceutical equipment innovation. This year, we have an incredible 18 winners, spanning across five different categories. Please take the time to read through our annual Pharma Innovation Award cover story in this issue. We promise that our picks are innovative to the core.

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