NuStar, Inc.: MFC-100 Cart

NuStar, Inc. introduces the new and improved MFC-100 pedestrian-operated, battery-powered cart with lifting crane option. Now one person can safely lift, transport and maneuver loads up to 750 lbs. 

The MFC-100 cart is easy to operate. Its features include butterfly speed control, emergency kill switch, keyed power switch, a pneumatic drive tire, hydraulic lift cylinder with a 17” stroke and hydraulic drive wheel.   

The lifting crane is one of six optional attachments. The other five include ball hitch, 5th wheel king pin receiver for trailers, tow straps for automotive towing, bus/truck frames custom attachment, and adjustable lift attachment for lifting and moving rolls of materials.

To see how smoothly it works, view an MFC-100 cart video. Because the MFC-100 cart runs on batteries, it does not consume $4 per gallon gasoline, diesel or propane; and, it does not emit any harmful exhaust or fumes. It is significantly less expensive than a forklift and operators do not need a license. It comes with a built in battery charger that plugs into a standard outlet. With a footprint less than two square yards, the MFC-100 cart stores easily at a jobsite and is easy to transport from site to site. It’s the perfect tool for those companies that want to be environmentally proactive.

Reduce the risk of back injury while improving your productivity. Let us show you how the
MFC-100 cart can pay for itself in less than year. 
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