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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announces the release of an LC-MS/MS solution that significantly reduces the analysis time and cost of processing water samples in environmental and drinking water applications. The Thermo Scientific EQuan Environmental Quantitation System coupled with the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is a turnkey system for the analysis of pesticides, herbicides, antimicrobials and other pharmaceuticals in environmental and drinking water samples. EQuan's on-line sample enrichment technique reduces analysis time, from days to minutes, while maintaining sensitivity and specificity.

EQuan eliminates sample preparation by allowing samples to be directly injected and enriched followed by immediate LC-MS/MS analysis, thereby reducing both processing time and cost. In addition, the on-line sample preparation method reduces human error and consequent loss of sample. Limits of Detection (LODs) are considerably improved compared to conventional injection techniques (up to 100 times) with detection limits of 10ppt (parts per trillion) easily achieved.

The EQuan solution consists of a TSQ Quantum series mass spectrometer, two HPLC pumps with a pre-concentration column, an analytical column, a CTC autosampler and an EQuan kit consisting of columns and HPLC accessories. EQuan can use any of the TSQ Quantum series instruments depending on the specific application, including the TSQ Quantum Access, TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX or the TSQ Quantum Ultra.

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