Sullair Corp.

Sullair Corp. has enhanced its 3700 Series of 40-, 50-, and 60-hp compressors with the Sullair Variable Speed Drive — the Sullair 3000V, 3700V, and 4500V.

The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) allows compressors to easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively adjust to fluctuating compressed air demand — either seasonal changes in demand, or from shift-to-shift. The Sullair 3700V compressor provides significant energy savings, lower overall costs, improved operating consistency and relief from potential peak demand charges, thanks to its ability to adjust to changes in air demand.

Like the Sullair 3700, these VSD compressors feature a simplified WS microprocessor, low sound levels (as low as 68 dba), and a smaller footprint than similar compressors. Additionally, multiple engineering features have simplified routine maintenance — further reducing costs by centralizing all maintenance areas to one side of the machine.

Sullair has also released new literature that fully details all the features and options of this series of compressors, as well as the important benefits of the Variable Speed Drive.

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