FDA approves dose increase for Moderna vax vials

Feb. 16, 2021

In a move designed to accelerate the availability of coronavirus vaccines in the U.S., the FDA has agreed to let Moderna fit more doses into each vial.

Right now, each vial of Moderna’s vaccine holds 10 — or sometimes 11 — doses. Now, the company will be allowed to fill 14 doses into its vials, which are big enough to hold the extra doses. 

Moderna’s vaccine currently accounts about half of America’s COVID-19 vaccine stock, and the decision could boost the country’s supplies by as much as 20 percent.

Sources told The New York Times that retooling the company’s manufacturing lines to accommodate the new fill-and-finish plans could be done in less than 10 weeks.

Moderna is also reportedly working with the FDA to alter storage rules for its vaccine so that health care providers have more time to administer doses once the rubber seal is punctured. 

Pfizer’s vaccine, which, like Moderna’s, is administered in two shots, are currently filled into vials that can hold six doses.

Read The New York Times report.