Bio-Chem Valve and Omnifit

Feb. 6, 2006
Safety Caps Eliminate Fluid and/or Gas Mishaps

Escaping toxic gases, accidental chemical spills, and other liquid handling laboratory hazards can be prevented by using specially engineered bottle caps developed by Bio-Chem Valve Inc. and Omnifit Ltd. These caps, designed in a variety of configurations, help control dangerous, costly, panic-ridden laboratory mishaps that often compromise the health and safety of staff and end up costing the company much time and money from emergency cleanup, downtime, and loss of product.

To prevent the escape of gaseous vapors from entering and contaminating the work environment while maintaining a steady flow equilibrium, the simple and versatile ‘T’ Series cap can be selected. With an optional integrated check valve and filter, the ‘T’ cap prevents the introduction of unwanted, harmful ambient debris. At the same time, the combined air inlet and check valve configuration enables air to flow into the bottle to replace the removed liquid while preventing particulate contamination.

Measurement mistakes while transferring specific liquids can be prevented by using the ‘Q’ Series or ‘C’ Series bottle caps. These caps, fitted with optional on/off valves, allow for foolproof, precision operation of individual fluid lines to carefully control a chemical reaction. Since these safety valves can be shut with precision, the caps are useful for transporting and handling fluids to and from individual stations within the laboratory.

All three safety bottle models from Bio-Chem Valve and Omnifit feature an anti-twist cap that allows the bottle to spin freely within the cap to prevent tubes from twisting, so there is no need to disconnect fluid lines before unscrewing the cap.