Columbia Machine: FL3000-R Floor Level Palletizer

Oct. 24, 2012
Columbia Machine: FL3000-R Floor Level Palletizer

The latest innovation from Columbia Machine is changing the future of floor level palletizers. The FL3000-R is a high speed, floor level hybrid palletizer featuring Columbia’s R-Factor technology and achieves over 80 cases per minute, based on pattern. This hybrid solution marries robotic capability and simple conventional palletizer design into a very powerful package that includes Columbia’s industry leading safety package and a fully integrated, easy to use controls package, the FL3000-R.

Columbia’s industry leading safety package is included on all Columbia palletizers and contains Category 3 electrical safety components including Allen Bradley’s SensaGuard dual circuit safety interlocks and SICK type 4 light curtains. This safety package provides a fully guarded, Performance Level D palletizer to keep your employees safe while meeting production needs.

Columbia provides a hybrid solution that includes fully integrated, easy to use control package by using Rockwell Automation’s familiar ControlLogix PLC the palletizer and Motoman arm to operate as a truly unified machine, the FL3000-R. This not only gives increased reliability and pattern forming capability; it also allows plant personnel to easily understand and maintain the system. Customers will work with familiar PLC controls and no longer work with proprietary software. No teach pendant is required, making the FL3000-R even easier to use for your operators.

The FL3000-R is here to help your production line achieve high through put with the added convenience and access that a floor level palletizer provides.