Mark Reilly Sex Tape Adds to GSK Bribery Scandal Woes

July 10, 2014

As GlaxoSmithKline continues to deal with the ramifications of a massive corruption scandal in China, the drugmaker has now confirmed the existence of a "sex tape" involving former China head, Mark Reilly, and a Chinese woman.

The British Sunday Times reported that the video -- shot without Reilly's knowledge -- was emailed to top GSK executives in March 2013. The newspaper did not indicate who shot the video or what the motivation behind it was.

Other sources speculate that the video was emailed to senior figures at GSK as part of what appeared to be an attempt at blackmail. It has also been suggested that the woman depicted in the sex tape was a secretary who worked at a travel agency accused of helping GSK execute its bribery scheme.

As GSK deals with financial and legal ramifications, as well as the embarrassment of the messy bribery scandal, Reilly and colleagues face a maximum sentence of life in prison after being charged with corruption by Chinese police in May.