2006 Team of the Year Finalists: Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

April 6, 2006
This year's finalists tackle everyday problems without losing sight of manufacturing’s bigger picture.
There was once a time when drug manufacturing teams could solve a problem at their facilities and go home satisfied that they had made a difference. Today, local success is no longer enough. Site improvements must be tied into broader corporate operational excellence programs. Successes must be benchmarked. Best practices must be shared.

This year’s Team of the Year finalists are all keenly aware of how their efforts fit into the bigger picture. But they still relish the team experience and collaborative spirit as they advance their facilities, and the industry, one step at a time. Here we present their stories. Next month, we’ll reveal the winners selected by our expert panel of judges. But clearly, these finalists are already winners in the race to advance drug manufacturing efficiency, improve process understanding and reduce costs.

2006 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Team of the Year Finalists

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  • Merck —
Merck Production System (MPS) Team, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

  • Pfizer Corp. —
Common PAT Software Team, multiple locations

  • Wyeth Consumer Healthcare —
Excellence in Operations Team, Pearl River, N.Y.

  • Wyeth SpA, Italy —
Fighters, New Generation and Samurai Teams, Aprilia, Italy

  • Wyeth Consumer Healthcare —
Contractor Performance Management Team, Collegeville, Pa.