June 27, 2005
Remote Monitoring and Alarm Notification Solutions Geared to Pharma Facilities
Sensaphone recently announced the availability of remote monitoring and alarm notification solutions for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The Sensaphone line of systems remotely monitors environmental conditions and process parameters critical to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, including power, temperature, humidity, flow rates, timers, and more. The system also detects unwanted water on the floor. When unfavorable or dangerous conditions exist, the Sensaphone system automatically issues alarm notifications through custom voice messages, alphanumeric pages, and text messaging.Sensaphone’s technology includes the latest in remote alarm notification, flexible programming capabilities, and voice alarms. There is a Sensaphone model for any manufacturing or industrial requirement. The Sensaphone product line includes:
  • Sensaphone SCADA 3000 – the first low-cost, integrated SCADA monitoring and control system. It features both Ladder Logic and C-programming capabilities; flexible communication capabilities; and data logging; and it is expandable up to 144 I/O points. Ideal for the most demanding of applications.

  • Sensaphone 2000 – features eight universally configurable inputs and data logging for advanced monitoring needs.

  • Sensaphone 1104 and Sensaphone 1108 – monitor power, temperature, and other important conditions in controlled environments and processes. The most popular Sensaphone in use today offers a cost-effective and efficient method of monitoring.