Rockwell Automation

Aug. 10, 2005
Lighting Contactor for Branch Circuits
Because the Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactor controls a specific number of branch circuits, or luminaries, rather than large blocks of lighting, it gives building designers greater design flexibility and customization options.Mechanically held lighting contactors, like the Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactors, do not change position and disconnect lights during a drop, reduction or loss of voltage. The Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactor only requires a momentary applied current to either open or close and is not dependent on a continuous control voltage to maintain its position, thus it is also more energy efficient than electrically held contactors which require a constant stream of electricity.The Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactor is easy to install in both new and retrofitted environments. It has the same small footprint for 2- to 12-pole contactors, and mounts with only three screws. Panel builders can install it within or next to an enclosure. All additional inputs/outputs are on the front for easy access. For flexibility, users can control the Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactor from multiple sources, including manually operated contact switches, auxiliary relays, solid-state modules, timers with single- or double-throw contacts, and energy management systems. The Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactor can connect with various control systems and devices, such as energy management systems, microprocessors, photoelectric cells and timers. Supplied with a solid-state module, it can have 2-wire, 3-wire and start/stop control to allow it to interface with remote devices.For electrical contractors seeking energy-efficient contactors for low-noise environments, the Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactor may be ideal. Because the contactor’s operating coil is not continuously energized, coil hum and continuous coil consumption is eliminated. This reduces irritating background noise and saves energy at the same time. The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 500LC Lighting Contactor, which is available through authorized Allen-Bradley distributors, is UL 508 listed, CSA certified and suited for UL 67 listed panelboards.