Hydro-Thermal Corp.

Aug. 17, 2005
Direct Steam Injection Heater Cuts Energy, Maintenance Costs
Hydro-Thermal Corp. has introduced the EZ Heater, a direct steam injection heater that is used in any process where instantaneous hot water is required. The EZ Heater is a perfect solution where a heat exchanger was utilized in the past. The EZ Heater will reduce energy expenses due to its 100% energy-efficient design. The EZ Heater will also reduce overall maintenance expenses due to its self-cleaning functions and durable product design. It eliminates plugging and fouling issues often experienced with heat exchangers. Each EZ Heater is customized to meet the user’s exact requirements, and can accommodate flow ranges up to 600 gpm. The heater can also reach temperatures up to 350° F, with the ability to produce up to a 250° temperature rise.“The company has spent the last 12 months perfecting the EZ Heater and testing it in industrial, food, chemical, pulp and paper and concrete manufacturing facilities across the country,” stated Gary Zaiser, CEO of Hydro-Thermal Corp. “This product rounds out our direct steam heater lines, allowing us to service and heat any type of water or viscous liquid requirements. This product builds upon our years of experience providing direct steam injection solutions.”