Powder Systems Ltd.

Aug. 23, 2005
Multifunctional Equipment Enables Contained Charging, Sight Glass & CIP
Given the trend toward ever-increasing potency of pharmaceutical powders, engineers are continually faced with the challenge of upgrading the containment of charging to an existing vessel. The ChargePoint from Powder Systems Ltd. (PSL) is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for charging APIs (active potent ingredients) into reactor vessels in a contained manner, achieving OELs of <1 g/m3 TWA 8 hours, 1 hour operation. When containing solids transfer to existing plant equipment, you can often be faced with upgrading a reactor with no free nozzles available. A highly efficient resolution is to use the existing sight glass nozzle on the reactor and replace with a PSL ChargePoint Active, enabling multifunctional capabilities. The PSL ChargePoint can then be used for contained charging from bags or bottles, or to view inside the reactor using the novel PSL ChargePoint Sight Glass attachment. The sight glass mimics the ChargePoint passive, maintaining containment while providing a wide area for safe viewing into the reactor. The sight glass adapter can be used from full vacuum up to 6 BarG pressure in both open and closed positions. PSL can supply a range of accessories including CIP systems for both the ChargePoint and the reactor itself. This maximizes the use and efficiency of often limited nozzles, providing multi-functionality for a single nozzle.