Nilfisk-Advance America

Jan. 6, 2006
Safety Vacuums Combine Cost, Performance Advantages
Nilfisk-Advance America has launched the Safety Vac series — a line of industrial vacuum cleaners designed to help manufacturers meet today's increasingly complex plant maintenance and cleaning needs.These machines are designed to meet the twin customer concerns of cost and performance. Simultaneously addressing the cleanliness standards of organizations and tackling the health and safety concerns of employees, the Safety Vac series also effectively reduces the overall cost of cleaning.The three vacuums in the Safety Vac series offer clear benefits for a range of industrial users: The Nilfisk GD 930 (above) is a canister vacuum built for solid performance in abusive environments with the added benefit of noise reduction. Designed with optimized air-flow patterns to maximize suction and minimize noise, multi-stage filtration, and sturdy steel, the GD 930 also features quick and easy access to internal parts for efficient servicing.
  • The Nilfisk UZ 964 (at right) is a hip-mounted vacuum worn like a belt around the waist, designed for operator comfort and reduction of back strain. The versatility needed to clean narrow spaces and cramped work areas combined with tremendous suction power and durability make the UZ 964 ideal for demanding applications such as mold or asbestos remediation.

  • The Nilfisk UZ 934 is a durable canister vacuum cleaner combining reliability and performance at a low price. Quiet operation, lightweight design and easy access to internal parts combined with the rugged construction and durability required for industrial-strength cleaning make the UZ 934 one of the best in its class.
  • "Today’s companies require cleaning products that conform as closely as possible to their very specific safety, hygiene and cleanliness requirements," noted Paul Miller, vice president of Nilfisk-Advance America. "It is with these companies in mind that we are introducing the Safety Vac series."Safety Vac series vacuums feature rugged design for long-term use, quiet operation and a host of optional extras. Highly portable, they effectively collect and retain contaminants such as dust, bacteria and food scraps in a wide range of plant and facility environments.