Rytec Doors

April 6, 2006
Glass Door Offers Clear, Cost-Effective Alternative

Rytec's new Glass Door is an attractive, inexpensive and surprisingly durable alternative to stainless steel doors. It may be used in any non-classified area of the plant, such as packaging, laboratory or nutraceutical processing.

With a thickness of only 1/2-inch, the glass door has greater flexibility in terms of the hardware that may be used with it. Thus, a variety of seal options and hinge varieties are available. The steel hardware and framing have a U.S. 32 D finish.

The Glass Door can open at up to a 180° angle. It features magnetic locks; it can be latched and locked at both the bottom and the center of its outer edge.The door is also etchable (the name of a particular department, or perhaps a company logo, may be etched directly into the surface) and available in a wide range of sizes up to 8 feet by 8 feet.

"Certainly, there are many areas in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that require a stainless steel door, but for those rooms that don't, the Glass Door is an attractive option for several reasons," says Ritch Longoria, product manager. "The Glass Door is aesthetically pleasing, allows view-through and is considerably less expensive than a stainless steel door. In addition, the glass door can be delivered more quickly."