Atlas Copco Compressors Inc.

June 19, 2006
Oil-free Compressor Airs on the Side of Savings

Atlas Copco's Z line of oil-free compressors eliminates the risk of oil contamination of a plant's compressed air supply. Shown above: the ZT/ZR 15-45 ZT/ZR 37 & 50 VSD.

According to the company, Z series compressors provide 100% oil-free air (with no condensate management problems) and consistent performance over the product's lifetime. They are also operator-friendly and easy to service.



A fully integrated and silenced package
Total component compatability ensuring optimum efficiency and reliability
Choice of integrated refrigerant (ID) or adsorption (IMD) dryers Quality end-product, reliable production process
Two canopy choices, standard canopy for low noise levels and WorkPlace Air System for extremely low noise levels Allows installation directly in the working environment, optimizing valuable floor space and reducing installation and operating costs
IP 55 Drive motor
Efficient, flange-mounted motor is easy to align
Two-stage, double-tooth compression elements, combined with highly efficient inter- and after-coolers Low energy consumption and a precise operating pressure
Both 37 and 50kW VSD variants available Gives the maximum benefit in energy savings
Elektronikon, a superior electronic monitoring and control and communication system Efficient, fully automated control of the compressor