Gilbert Industries, Inc.

June 27, 2006
Fly Trap is Beautiful But Deadly

The 2004GT Leonardo Da Trapi is the world's first serious fly trap art, according to its maker, Gilbert Industries. Stick with Leo's Mona Lisa Masterpiece or slip-in a masterpiece (or ad) of your own. Premium, custom-punched frames are available.

Leonardo Da Trapi features:

  • Two 20-watt insect attractant lamps (Osram Sylvania #F20T12/350BL);

  • Artfully punched front door, which swings up for easy access to primary glueboard and "masterpiece" tray for service;

  • Antique brass and aluminized steel construction;

  • 1-year warranty (excluding lamps, boards, and masterpiece/holder).

A second (optional) glueboard will fit behind the "masterpiece". The front is punched by a special process that appoximates the handcrafting of artisans (small hammermarks ensure that no two Leonardos are the same). Gilbert recommends that users change the glueboard(s) regularly — at least as often as local codes require.

Purchasers may choose from the standard 6-ft. 3-wire power cord or the optional hard-wire version for an aesthetic, cordless look. Universal knockouts and keyhole mounting slots are provided. Dimensions: 29 1/2" x 15 9/16" x 2 7/8".