Hitachi America, Ltd.

Dec. 26, 2006
Micro AC Drive Enchancements Add Power and Flexibility
Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Systems Division, has announced its new SJ200-2 and L200-2 series of inverters, with numerous incremental enhancements to earlier models. New features afford added power and flexibility, resulting in low-cost micro-drives that can solve more applications than ever before.

The SJ200-2 employs 6th generation sensorless vector control technology, which provides optimal vector performance without the need to auto-tune, designed for high-starting torque applications or where speed regulation is more critical.

The L200-2 volts-per-hertz inverter is empowered with advanced functions, yet is easy to install, use and maintain. It is a modern, global variable frequency drive solution ideally suited for fan, pump, conveyor and many other general purpose applications at an attractive price.

Common features include advanced trip avoidance functions, side-by-side mounting capability, built-in timing logic and analog input math (PLC) functions, DIP-switch hand-off-auto, removable control terminal connector, and RS485 modbus RTU communication interface.