Jan. 30, 2007
Connectors Designed for Demanding Power Applications

Turck announces new M40 powerfast connectors for demanding power applications. These connectors are excellent for motor applications, handling up to 600 Volts and 55 Amps – enough power for a 30 horse DC motor or a 55 horse 3-phase AC motor.

Turck also offers the option to completely shield the M40 powerfast cordsets by connecting a braided shield directly to the coupling nut. This provides a cost efficient connection with 100 percent cable and connector shielding that protects against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

The M40 powerfast line offers male or female, straight connectors, standard and custom lengths, and pigtails or extensions. The powerfast line also provides fully-encapsulated mating receptacles to make the system complete. All connectors provide IEC IP 67 protection, and are rated for up to 600 VAC/VDC and 55 Amps.