Terra Universal

March 25, 2008

Terra Universal manufactures a modular clean room for safe handling and packaging of hazardous pharmaceutical and biological materials. Made of double-wall 304/316 stainless or powder-coated steel, this enclosure features ultra-smooth interior walls with radius corners and a sloped, drained floor for easy wash-down and sterilization with industry-standard disinfectants, including VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) units.

Specially formulated anti-microbial gaskets cover all cracks and seams; anti-microbial panel coatings are also available to inhibit growth of microorganisms. Ductwork circulates exhaust air through a high-efficiency air conditioning system that maintains a constant internal temperature between 60°F and 140°F, with additional control for humidification or dehumidification (20% - 70% RH). Polystyrene insulation contributes to system efficiency and temperature stability.

Ceiling HEPA/ULPA filters remove particulates to maintain cleanliness standard to ISO 3, and adjustable high-volume air handlers regulate the percentage of fresh make-up air to create a conventional positive-pressure enclosure or a slight negative internal pressure (-0.05" WG) that protects the external environment from hazardous materials.

An optional localized containment system draws air away from a processing safety zone into HEPA filters positioned directly behind a processing area. Filtered air passes through an external manifold into ceiling HEPA filters directly above the work area. This continuous recirculation of filtered air protects personnel against potentially hazardous pathogens, chemical powders, and other sub-micron particles, while also protecting samples against contaminants.

Personnel enter and exit through an external HEPA-filtered air shower. Additional features include low-clearance roll-up pass-throughs, fluorescent and 254nm germicidal UV lighting, viewing windows, service for power, water or vacuum/gas, and a complete line of furnishings. All designs are simple to assemble and disassemble and are completely free-standing: no external supports or special permitting is required.

For full specifications, please visit www.TerraUniversal.com. Terra Universal, Inc., 800 S. Raymond Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831, USA.  Tel: + 1-714-578-6000  Fax: +1-714-578-6020 or [email protected].