April 2, 2008
Wall-Mount Filter Packages Control, Protect Equipment

Hoffman announces PROTEK Wall-Mount Packages, a ready-to-use DataCom solution with integrated thermal management. These preconfigured packages include a Type 4 or 12 cabinet with either a fan and filter or air conditioner to control internal temperatures while protecting sensitive 19-inch rack equipment from harmful environmental contaminants, such as falling dirt, dust and dripping water. PROTEK Wall-Mount Packages are available in single door and double-hinged models and require no additional layout, drilling or sawing to accommodate thermal devices. Plus, air conditioners, fans and filters operate on 110/115 VAC 50/60 Hz line voltage with a standard NEMA 15 A plug internal to the cabinet (5-15P).

PROTEK Fan and Filter Packages protect equipment in a wide variety of applications, including Type 1, 12 or 4 UL listed environments, when the ambient temperature is 5° F less than the maximum allowable internal equipment temperature. The top-mounted 6-inch pagoda fan efficiently exhausts hot air from the top of the cabinet for increased internal airflow and heat dissipation, while the bottom-mounted filter prevents dust from entering the cabinet and damaging the equipment. In addition, the filter can be easily removed for periodic cleaning without accessing the cabinet. For applications where high ambient air temperatures—up to 130° F—would normally cause equipment failure, PROTEK Air Conditioner Packages deliver additional thermal management, providing 254 watts (800 BTUs) of cooling. Plus, since the right-side mounted T4 Line Indoor/Outdoor Air Conditioner doesn’t allow outside air into the cabinet, rack equipment is also protected from external contaminants.

PROTEK Wall-Mount Packages feature fully welded and ground body and door construction for rugged, long-term durability. Type 12 cabinets offer window doors with scratch-resistant safety glass, allowing equipment monitoring without opening the door, which minimizes contamination. The locking wing knob with two keys provides security and convenience in indoor applications. Type 4 cabinets feature solid doors for complete physical and visual protection and a padlock-capable, tamper-resistant, quarter-turn latch (tool included) for easy operation and security options in indoor and outdoor applications. Plus, the foam-in-place, non-absorbing seamless gasket around the door seals against outdoor air infiltration and is chemically resistant. PROTEK Wall-Mount Packages are plenum rated for use in air exchange areas.

Applications. PROTEK Wall-Mount Packages cool internal air and protect equipment from falling dirt, splashing water, hose directed water, freezing rain and many other hazards. This design makes PROTEK an ideal solution for remote network applications in harsh environments and Remote Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs) for extension of network systems, access points and consolidation points.

In addition, several features of PROTEK Wall-Mount Packages make them particularly easy to install and use:

  • Provides Type 4 or 12 wall-mount packages with single door and double-hinged models
  • Cools internal temperatures, for simple thermal management
    Protects 19-inch rack equipment from harmful environmental contaminants and water
  • Offers fan and filter package with top-mounted pagoda fan and bottom-mounted filter to prevent dust from entering the cabinet
  • Provides air conditioner package that delivers 254 watts (800 BTUs) of cooling for applications with high ambient temperatures
  • Plugs into a standard NEMA 15 A plug internal to the cabinet (5-15P)
  • Operates on 110/115 VAC 50/60 Hz line voltage
  • Features solid door to provide equipment with complete physical and visual protection (Type 4 models) or window door with scratch-resistant safety glass (Type 12 models)