Kimberly-Clark Professional

Oct. 30, 2008
Cleanroom Gloves Provide Better Performance, Better Value and Environmental Advantages.

Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces a solution for cleanroom control: Kimtech Pure G3 and G5 Sterling Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves. The G3 glove is suitable for Critical (Class 10) cleanroom environments, while the G5 glove is suitable for Controlled (Class 100) cleanroom environments. The gloves are ideal for use in semiconductor, flat panel, electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing. The gloves offer the comfort, sensitivity and fit of latex with the protection of nitrile. Complete with environmentally friendly packaging, the gloves are the latest addition to Kimberly-Clark Professional's line of limited use, head-to-toe personal protective equipment for critical and controlled environments.

Kimberly-Clark’s proprietary manufacturing technology for the Kimtech Pure G3 and G5 gloves allows the company to increase the tensile strength of nitrile, resulting in superior barrier protection and puncture resistance. It also reduces glove thickness, which means that less force is required to stretch the material. This advantage gives these latex-free gloves the dexterity and sensitivity of natural rubber latex, without the associated latex allergy issues.

The gloves also provide environmental benefits because they are packaged with 50 percent more gloves per case. The environmentally friendly packaging gives users approximately 33 percent more storage space and allows them to reduce their waste (from packaging materials) by 45 percent.  

The Kimtech Pure G3 and G5 Sterling Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves are 3.9 mils thick and 12 inches long from fingertip to beaded cuff. They are ambidextrous, with textured fingertips. All gloves are static-dissipative in use and are double-bagged to maintain cleanliness, with 250 gloves packaged in each double bag, for 1,500 gloves per case. They are available in sizes from extra small to extra large.