Advantix Systems’ Technology Delivers Precise Humidity Control and Cooling In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

July 28, 2011
Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning Technology Reduces Energy Use by 50 Percent
As summer commences, pharmaceutical manufacturers are bracing for months of heat and high humidity, conditions that can threaten the integrity of pharmaceutical products and their ingredients. Manufacturers dependent on precise temperature and humidity controls are embracing liquid desiccant technology as an innovative solution that simultaneously cools and dehumidifies air while saving significant amounts of energy and ensuring the quality of the pharmaceuticals produced.Liquid desiccant is a natural salt water solution that removes humidity directly from the air without the need of adding excess cooling or heating, conventional dehumidification processes that waste an enormous amount of energy. Liquid desiccant is also unique because, in addition to being energy efficient, it is a natural disinfectant.  The salt solution removes almost all airborne bacteria and microorganisms in a single pass, and eliminates the need for drip pans or coils that often produce algae and bacteria build-up. As a result, the technology has the additional benefits of improving air quality, removing odors and eliminating many of the hazards associated with manufacturing safety.Pharmaceutical manufacturers in humid climates worldwide have turned to liquid desiccant technology as a solution to their critical dehumidification needs, including Mumbai-based Glenmark Generics. Like many manufacturers, Glenmark is plagued by very humid conditions, and the company found its solid desiccant air conditioners drove up costs.  Glenmark installed liquid desiccant units made by Advantix Systems and quickly achieved optimal humidity control and significant energy savings that were so impactful, it added 71 Advantix units in four of its Indian plants and has plans to install an additional 19 units later this year.Already used in over 550 facilities deployed commercially worldwide, Advantix Systems technology delivers energy efficient cooling and dehumidification to the manufacturing plants of major global brands such as GlaxoSmithKline, Teva and Wiewelhove, among others."With air conditioning and dehumidification accounting for more than one-third of total manufacturing energy consumption, energy efficiency can be an effective strategy in improving competitiveness and reducing energy and maintenance costs overall," said Hannah Granade, President, USA of Advantix Systems. "Advantix Systems’ products are especially effective in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities where temperature and humidity control are a constant challenge. By reducing humidity, delivering cleaner air and cutting operating expenses, our technology can help pharmaceutical companies cut their energy costs in half." A pioneer in harnessing revolutionary liquid desiccant technology, Advantix Systems offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a proven air conditioning and dehumidification solution that cuts energy costs by 50 percent. Advantix’s energy efficient air conditioning and dehumidification systems deliver competitive advantage to its pharmaceutical customers by enabling precise humidity control and cooling that is less expensive upfront, more energy efficient, and less expensive to maintain.Specific benefits include:
  • Reduces energy consumption by 30-50% by avoiding "rework" of conventional systems
  • Reduces operating expenses by 30-40% compared to conventional outdoor air systems
  • Reduces operating expenses by 55-65% compared to desiccant wheel systems
  • Cleans air (80% removal of particulates / 91% of airborne microorganisms in each pass)
Advantix Systems received the award for AHR’s Most Innovative Cooling Product for 2011, and was recognized as a top HVAC product showcased at the annual International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Exposition for innovation, application, user value and market impact.