LFI Series 3000 Ceiling Suspended Module

Nov. 27, 2013

Laminar Flow Inc. Series 3000 Ceiling Module is designed to be installed in areas where a classification up to ISO CLASS 4 @ 0.12 microns must be achieved. The series is a self-contained system, available with many options including but not limited to: size, electrical configuration, return walls, room configurations, specific filter size. The modular design allows for multiple units to cover large areas.

Construction: A completely self-contained system constructed of 16 & 14-gauge stainless steel, 304 or 316L, with a satin #4 finish.

Controls: All controls are mounted in the blower plenum, (except when specified for a remote NEMA panel), and utilize, separately switched lights and blowers.

Lighting: Two types of lighting are available and both are located in-between the filter, this distance must be kept to an absolute minimum to aid in the return of Laminar Flow.

The LFI Series 3000 ceiling plenum system is a smart and economical way to cover entire ceilings where Laminar Flow is a requirement.