Applying Lean Principles to Facilities and Workplace Design

Sept. 11, 2006
When it was published in 1996, the first edition of Facilities & Workplace Design: An Illustrated Guide enjoyed strong demand. However, the book went out of print when the publisher ceased operations. Now, Quarterman Lee, the book's primary author and president of Strategos, Inc., is producing a second edition; here he makes the first edition available for download.

Editor's Note: Quarterman Lee, primary author of Facilities & Workplace Design: An Illustrated Guide has kindly made the entire book available for download, as he explains in the note below. Following his note, you will find links to individual chapters (in PDF format) of the book; you may download as many as you like.

A Note from the Author Regarding
Facilities & Workplace Design: An Illustrated Guide

(First Edition; Engineering & Management Press; Institute of Industrial Engineers; Norcross, Ga. USA; 1996)

This book was originally published in 1996 and was quite popular. However, Engineering & Management Press terminated publishing operations and the book went out of print. Existing stocks are exhausted and it is now difficult to find, even on the used market.

I have been writing a second edition with more Lean Manufacturing examples and terminology. However, progress has been painfully slow. Many people have requested either edition. Accordingly, I am making this special version of the First Edition available on a complimentary basis.

This special edition is a scanned copy of the original in PDF format. Some figures did not scan well. In addition, there are original typesetting errors, particularly in the later chapters. If you find yourself confused, it may be due to a mislabeled or misplaced figure. I apologize for these lapses in quality. They account for one reason why the book is free.

However, the principles remain sound; examples are realistic; the approach is universal. It applies to Lean Manufacturing and, indeed, any manufacturing strategy.

You will find supplementary material on our website at A free preview of the Second Edition's Chapter 4 is at

I hope this is helpful in your facilities planning work.


Quarterman Lee
Strategos, Inc.
Kansas City, Mo. USA

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