Aug. 9, 2007
Polishing System Supports Continuous Softgel Processing

Symetix, the pharmaceutical business unit of Key Technology, introduces the PulseScrubber, a continuous polishing system for softgel capsules. Replacing traditional batch polishing systems in use at nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, PulseScrubber extends Symetix’s concept of a Continuous Softgel Finishing Line to maximize product quality and reduce labor while handling up to 900,000 capsules per hour.

Unlike batch polishing systems that require manual loading and unloading, PulseScrubber operates unattended – receiving, handling and discharging product continuously. Softgel capsules move down the length of the polishing system where absorption media above and below the product is energized by vibratory motion to gently polish the surfaces of the capsules. PulseScrubber uses custom-made, FDA-accepted, low-lint absorption media manufactured from cellulosic fibers that are hydraulically entangled. Polishing the softgels removes oil from the capsule’s surface and creates a polished appearance.

As softgel manufacturers race to automate their production lines, continuous processes are replacing conventional batch processes to dry, polish, size, inspect and package capsules. Symetix is enabling this paradigm shift with PulseScrubber. If needed, manufacturers can batch-feed the bulk-to-bulk PulseScrubber today and later integrate it with other Symetix Continuous Softgel Finishing Line components to achieve fully-automated, high-throughput softgel finishing line operation.

PulseScrubber is easy to clear and clean according to the comany. Simply snip the absorption media at the feed roll and discard, wipe down the vibratory bed, re-thread the absorption media and the polisher is ready for the next product run.

Based on Key Technology’s field-proven Impulse electromagnetic vibratory conveyor, which Symetix has redesigned specifically for polishing softgels, PulseScrubber features an oil-free, solid-state electromagnetic drive, which is quiet and has no moving parts.

The compact PulseScrubber polisher handles 900,000 capsules per hour in a space only 13 inches wide and 91 inches long (330 mm wide and 2.3 meters long). Designed to meet FDA requirements and comply with GAMP 4 guidelines, PulseScrubber benefits from the company’s 10-year history of supplying FDA-validated inspection systems to the pharmaceutical industry. Symetix offers complete engineering services and validation packages.