July 24, 2009
A Solution to Reduce the Risk of Needlestick Injuries

West, a leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, has introduced the NovaGuard system, a passive safety needle compatible with Luer Lock syringes. The NovaGuard system, designed to help mitigate the risk of accidental needlestick injuries, is 510k-cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

With the NovaGuard system, a plastic shield surrounds the needle before the injection is given, leaving only the needle tip exposed for injection site orientation. When the needle is pressed on the patient’s skin to administer the injection, the protective shield is activated. As the needle is withdrawn, the shield extends forward to cover the needle fully and the shield is locked in place. Unlike “active” needle safety devices, the NovaGuard system provides a safety feature without changing standard injection practices, and requires no extra steps to activate the safety feature.

“The innovative NovaGuard system provides the market with a truly passive safety needle system that can be attached by the user to a Luer Lock syringe,” said Graham Reynolds, vice president, Innovation Strategic Marketing at West. “This product adds to West’s established solutions aimed at enhancing the safety, convenience and effectiveness of drug preparation and administration.”

Extensive field testing with nurses helped optimize the design of the NovaGuard system. These tests demonstrated the system’s intuitive, dependable and easy-to-use self-activated operation.

The NovaGuard system benefits health care practitioners, patients and pharmaceutical companies.

  • For health care practitioners, the NovaGuard system is easy to use, without any change to drug administration technique. The NovaGuard system can also help reduce needlestick injuries and improve OSHA compliance.
  • For patients, injections given with the NovaGuard system can be less threatening because the needle is covered throughout the procedure.
  • For pharmaceutical companies, the NovaGuard system does not require any changes to their manufacturing processes and can help compliance with safety standards, such as those required by OSHA.

The Tech Group, a West company, manufactures the NovaGuard system at its facility in Montgomery, Pa.