ViiV proof-of-concept study highlights bNAbs' potential in HIV

Oct. 25, 2022

ViiV Healthcare, global specialist HIV company majority-owned by GSK, announced positive findings from a small proof-of-concept study of its investigational, broadly neutralizing antibody (bNAb) in adults living with HIV.

bNAbs — antibodies that can recognize and block the entry of different strains of HIV into healthy cells — have the potential for dual action capabilities within HIV treatment and prevention. ViiV's investigational treatment, N6LS, is a bNAb that works by binding to a specific site on the surface of HIV that prevents its entry into immune system cells.

N6LS  is being studied at two dosing levels – a high dose and ten-fold lower dose — in adults living with HIV. The  14-person phase 2a BANNER study showed that a single infusion of N6LS demonstrated strong antiviral efficacy at both doses while also being well-tolerated by study participants.

According to ViiV, these positive proof-of-concept findings show N6LS’s potential as a first-in-class treatment option and could lead to the development of ground-breaking medicines that can help change the way HIV is treated.

ViiV Healthcare expects to begin a phase 2b study of N6LS in combination with other anti-retrovirals in 2023 to further evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability. Future areas of study include its potential utility as a long-acting therapeutic option and in approaches for an HIV remission and cure.