Bridge Bio, Brainomix partner to use AI in lung fibrosis trial

Sept. 7, 2022

Bridge Biotherapeutics has inked an agreement with U.K.-based AI medtech, Brainomix, to deliver quantitative imaging biomarker analysis within the phase 2 study of an idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) treatment candidate.

South Korea-based Bridge will utilize Brainomix's e-ILD technology, an AI-based software program, to conduct a study of BBT-877, Bridge's orally administered autotaxin enzyme inhibitor currently under development as a treatment for various fibrotic diseases.

Under the partnership, Brainomix will leverage its automated AI software, which has been trained to process high resolution chest CT data in patients with interstitial lung diseases, including IPF and other conditions that cause progressive pulmonary fibrosis. Both companies aim to collect high-quality imaging data which will be used to explore the efficacy of BBT-877, and to demonstrate the value that Brainomix AI-powered imaging biomarkers offer as new endpoints for future IPF clinical trials.

"AI-powered imaging is becoming an increasingly critical component of studies in IPF and more broadly non-IPF interstitial lung diseases, where it has the potential to improve trial insights, and to complement existing trial methodology and endpoints,” said Dr. Peter George, Medical Director, Brainomix.